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LOCAL PUB - 1137 N. MLK Jr. Dr. | Milwaukee

Image showing a vintage cassette tape labeled 'mixtape' against a backdrop resembling a postcard. Text reads 'I love you like an old record' - a nostalgic message from the local pub.

Kicking off this series is LP, or the Local Pub, nestled near the vibrant Deer District and Fiserv Forum. This downtown gem boasts a succinct menu primarily comprised of appetizers and sandwiches. During my visit, I discovered they feature specials, and on the evening of my dining experience, Thursdays were dedicated to tacos!

Presentation of a Fried Green Tomato Taco on a blue plate, accompanied by a lime garnish.


Rating: 4 / 5

The array of taco specials tantalized my taste buds, with the fried green tomato taco standing out remarkably. Encased in a corn tortilla (a personal preference over flour), this taco showcased a beautifully fried green tomato slice adorned with a drizzle of cilantro crema. Complemented by seared cheese embedded within the tortilla and charred green onions, it exuded a garden-fresh essence that transcended typical taco experiences. It was undeniably delightful and a dish I'd eagerly reorder.

The steak variation, an alternative to the green tomato option, is substituted with diced white onions and a fiery red Salvadorian salsa. While the salsa packed a punch, adding an intense heat factor, it didn't deter my enjoyment of this flavorful creation. Both tacos, perfectly portioned for street-style consumption, were easily devoured. However, a minor setback was their slight greasiness. Additionally, the absence of visible signage detailing the specials on the table meant relying on the server's recall for pricing and ingredients—a minor inconvenience. Although no sides accompanied the tacos, a friend's side of french fries, while well-seasoned, leaned a bit heavily on seasoning for my personal taste.


Rating: 4 / 5

Plated steak taco topped with diced white onions and a fiery red Salvadorian salsa.

Our server, Christina, exuded a relaxed yet whimsical demeanor. Juggling duties between the bar and table service, she efficiently managed both realms. LP's reputed cocktail program was a key allure for my visit. However, to my disappointment, a cocktail menu was conspicuously absent that night. Nonetheless, Christina salvaged the situation by crafting a personalized "X-Tina Special" tailored to my preferences, embracing citrusy notes and rum with a tropical infusion of pineapple. Her efforts compensated for the lack of a menu.


Rating: 3 / 5

Undoubtedly, the fried green tomato taco left an indelible mark on my LP dining escapade. Its distinct flavors lingered in my memory for weeks—an absolute highlight deserving of commendation. Yet, with regard to returning, certain recommendations come to mind. Reinstating a comprehensive drink menu is crucial for diners seeking guidance and clarity on available beverages. Likewise, having written specials at the table would aid patrons in making informed choices, considering allergies and budgets. While Christina's efforts to elucidate the specials were appreciated, visual aids enhance the dining experience, especially during busy service hours.

Considering the overall experience, it's important to note the atmosphere at LP. Situated close to the Deer District, LP becomes a convenient stop for smaller groups before a sporting event or concert. The main space is elongated, featuring a bar, several high tables, a few low tops, and a sleek color palette that is easy on the eyes. The noise level was minimal during my visit, with background music playing and patrons engaged in normal conversations. On days of maximum capacity, LP might become a livelier environment. Still, it felt more relaxed and comfortable compared to nearby venues, providing a pleasant setting to savor the dining experience. The friendly staff made me feel welcome, contributing to an enjoyable visit.

Exploring LP's famed weekend brunch and observing their active engagement on social media are prospects that pique my interest for future visits. Christina's dedication certainly amplified my enjoyment during this experience.


Instagram: @lp.mke

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Jan 17

Amazing review I can’t wait to bring the family for a great experience. Thanks for review!

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