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AMILINDA - 315 E Wisconsin Ave. | Milwaukee

Executive Chef Gregory León poses for a candid photo with Uptown Society.
Executive Chef Gregory León + Uptown Society

Embarking on a culinary escapade after our recent LP exploration, we found ourselves drawn to the alluring charms of Amilinda. Nestled near downtown Milwaukee on Wisconsin Ave, this culinary gem has been making waves in the gastronomic world. While some are already in the know, others are yet to discover the magic that unfolds at Amilinda. Known for its inventive take on Spanish and Portuguese flavors, Amilinda has earned praise from seasoned connoisseurs and surprised newcomers alike. Intrigued by the buzz, I couldn't resist unraveling Amilinda's culinary secrets.

Squid Salad - Seared Squid, Fennel and Leek Puree, Shallots, Marcona Almonds, Aleppo and Urfa Pepper


Rating: 4 / 5

Amilinda has carved a niche for itself with its small plates or tapas-style dining. In the Midwest, the term "small plates" often triggers concerns about portion size and value for money. Throw in the complexity of choosing dishes for a group, and you've got an additional layer of consideration. However, Amilinda's menu struck a commendable balance between shareable options and substantial main plates catering to individual palates. Our culinary journey involved delving into several shareable and more significant main plates.

We started our gastronomic adventure with a smoky tomato soup, reveling in its velvety texture and decadent smoked flavor. Despite a slightly heavy-handed approach with salt and a gradual cooling down, it left a positive impression. The warm squid salad, a departure from the typical breaded calamari, won over even the initially skeptical dining companion. While the duck rice main plate wasn't my preference, it garnered high praise for its perfectly cooked duck and well-balanced accompaniments. The scallop entrée displayed expert culinary craftsmanship, with only a minor salty note on the initial bite.

The pinnacle of our culinary journey was the dessert recommended by a neighboring table – a masterpiece featuring citrus curd crowned with a toasted homemade marshmallow and drizzled with pomegranate sauce. It undeniably stood out as one of the best desserts ever sampled.


Rating: 4 / 5

citrus curd crowned with a toasted homemade marshmallow and drizzled with pomegranate sauce

Our server, the charismatic Blaine Davis, radiated enthusiasm, skillfully weaving the essence of Amilinda's experience into engaging narratives. Although occasional lapses in water refills were noted, Blaine's cadence added to the overall dining pleasure. The entire team, from the front to the back of the house, contributed to an enjoyable experience. The open kitchen concept gave guests a firsthand view of the culinary craftsmanship.


Rating:  5 / 5

Amilinda's allure lies in its concealed charm, creating an air of exclusivity even for those familiar with its reputation. The intimate ambiance, candlelight, and captivating artwork combined to craft a cozy atmosphere. The well-curated cocktail and dining menus sparked anticipation for the culinary journey ahead. The ever-changing menu fueled my curiosity for future visits. Interactions with the owner and executive chef, Greg León, added a personal touch, making the overall experience truly memorable.

Amilinda, with its unique ambiance, innovative cuisine, and personalized touches, solidifies its place as a distinctive destination in downtown Milwaukee. A solid overall rating of 4 out of 5 reflects its culinary prowess, warm service, and the memorable experience it offers.


Instagram: @amilindamke

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