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Welcome to Beats, Beers & Brats – the ultimate guide to Milwaukee's music scene! Uptown Society presents this monthly Spotify playlist as a tribute to the vibrant musical talent thriving in Milwaukee. While the city is renowned for its beer culture, its diverse music scene often goes unnoticed.


Our open-format playlist is designed to illuminate both emerging talents and established stars from Milwaukee. Beats Beers & Brats is your one-stop destination for music enthusiasts seeking to explore the best of the city's musical landscape. Whether you groove to

Hip-Hop, get lost in Techno, rock out to Punk, or immerse yourself in Alternative sounds; we've curated something special for everyone.


So, kick back, unwind, and embark on a journey to discover your next favorite artist on Beats Beers & Brats. Milwaukee's music scene awaits – enjoy the vibe!


  1. Eligibility: All artists must either originate from Milwaukee or currently reside in Milwaukee County.

  2. Submission Limit: Each artist is allowed to submit one song per month for consideration.

  3. Evaluation Criteria: Songs will be assessed based on Quality, Content, Creativity, and Production.

  4. Feature Selection: The top 20 entries for each month will be chosen to be featured on Beats Beers & Brats in the following month. For example, songs submitted in January will be considered for the February playlist.

  5. Notification: All artists will be notified of the status of their submission.

  6. Playlist Updates: The playlist will be refreshed on the first day of each month with the selected entries.


A vibrant graphic with a beer mascot character floating on a rubber ring surrounded by beer brands, musical elements, and grilling items with text "beats beers brats" for a spotify playlist.
Illustrative logo with "high society" in stylized cursive script, linked by a line to the phrase "the uptown lifestyle" in block letters, all encased in a light blue outline.
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