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TRICKLEBEE CAFÉ - 4424 W North Ave. | Milwaukee

Tricklebee cafe storefront signage

Tricklebee Café, located in Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood and amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the historic Uptown Crossing District, offers an experience that transcends mere dining. This beacon of culinary innovation and social responsibility operates on the pillars of Comfort, Community, and Conscientiousness, setting it apart from traditional eateries. During my recent visit, I was enveloped in an unforgettable experience that left me with a sense of joy and gratitude.

Upon entering Tricklebee Café, I was greeted by an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity. The café's not-for-profit business model, prioritizing care for every patron regardless of their ability to pay, speaks volumes about its commitment to fostering community and compassion. This dedication to inclusivity permeates every aspect of the café, from the communal tables where patrons of diverse backgrounds come together to share a meal to the pantry stocked with essentials for those in need.

Vegetarian casserole, roasted cauliflower soup, and toffee bar


Tricklebee Café offers an all-vegetarian menu that changes daily, featuring options like Roasted Cauliflower Soup, Veggie Casserole, Strengthening Salad, and a Toffee Bar. During my visit, I opted for three dishes, all served together in a welcoming presentation. While deliciously light, the cauliflower soup could have benefited from a more pronounced roasted flavor and hotter temperature. The veggie casserole, described as an Asian-style shepherd's pie, impressed with its medley of ginger, spices, root vegetables, rice, chickpeas, tofu, mushrooms, corn, and savory garlic mashed potatoes. The meal concluded with the indulgent toffee bar, a sticky fusion of pecans, dark chocolate, and caramel, perfectly paired with the cafe's homemade agave lemonade. Tricklebee's charm lies in its culinary offerings and its commitment to sourcing fresh ingredients from local farming partners, exemplifying a blend of culinary creativity and social responsibility.


Trickelbee's delicious agave lemonade

Service at Tricklebee was efficient and personal, with the staff ensuring a memorable dining experience for every patron. From guiding patrons through the menu options to sharing insights into the café's mission, the staff's commitment to excellence was commendable.


What truly sets Tricklebee apart, however, is its role as a community hub where people connect over good food and good vibes. Laughter, storytelling, and genuine connections abound at the communal tables, fostering an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie seldom found in traditional restaurants. With its harmonious blend of comfort, community, and consciousness, Tricklebee Café is a culinary haven not to be missed.

My experience at Tricklebee Café was nothing short of exceptional. I will eagerly return to support its noble mission and discover the next delightful veggie-based creation. I highly recommend Tricklebee Café based on its food quality, service, and unique mission,


Instagram: @tricklebeecafe


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